Biotech Emporium’s equipment salvage yard is the only one of its kind in Africa and therefore we are very proud of this.

Due to our dealings in used equipment, we often come across machines that are no longer usable, but they may contain some usable spare parts. From our many years in this industry we realised that there is a real need in the market for quality used parts, so in 2015 we started a pellet equipment salvage yard. When we come across a used machine that is no longer usable, we will evaluate its component value and based upon that we will make the seller an offer. We will then take this machine to our salvage yard where we will break the machine into its different components. These components are then listed and priced. Unusable components are sorted into its metal types and sold as scrap metal to be melted down and recycled.


Due to the popularity of some components and the fact that we may not have the exact component you need at that exact time we implemented a first come waiting list. So, if we do not have it your name goes onto a waiting list. When the part becomes available and you are the first person on that list that we will contact and offer it to. Should you at that point no longer want the part the person second in line gets the opportunity to purchase that part and so forth.

So, if you are looking for used pellet equipment parts you now know who to call.

In some cases, a used part may be worn and therefore not be fit for sale as a usable used part. If these parts are high value parts like quill shafts, main shafts and so on and the wear is such that the part can be refurbished we will take that part and refurbish it to as good as new condition.

These parts normally come with a limited guarantee and although they are more expensive than a used part, they are less expensive than a brand-new part.

Some clients will even ask us to refurbish a used part they buy from us instead of supplying it as is. A refurbished part provides that piece of mind that you now have a part in your machine that is as good as new, yet it cost you significantly less than a new part.

Biotech Emporium can supply new spare and wear parts for most European pellet mills. We can also re-engineer spare parts that are no longer available to have it specially manufactured. This ability means that you will always be able to get the right part for your machine from us, irrespective of original manufacturer parts availability.

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