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Buying, selling, financing, or ensuring used equipment can be a real gamble if you do not know what its true market value is.

The motor trade has been using "book values" for many-many years but in the used equipment trade it used to be a question of sucking a price out of your thumb and hoping for the best.

Just like the book value calculators you find in the motor car industry Biotech Emporium developed a book value calculator software program for the pellet, granulation and milling industry that is based on market trending, depreciation value, equipment condition and many other factors. Our calculator will thus provide both Trade and Retail values for any piece of production equipment.

These values offer the seller a realistic trade value on any equipment he wants to sell into the trade, while the buyer pays a realistic retail value for the equipment he buys from the dealer, thereby ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved. For banks and insurance companies these values help to reduce the risk of over-inflated – non market-related price claims.

Since its introduction in 2009 we have done thousands of equipment valuations for people and companies ranging from private machine owners to insurance brokers and even major banks who needed realistic valuations on used equipment for financing purposes.

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